PhD Core Course Descriptions

601 Instruction: Perspectives and Practice

The course focuses on contemporary instructional theories and design models. Participants will also examine instructional strategies and effective delivery methods. Topics will include information processing, learning contracts, simulations, inquiry, learner-based instruction, and digital literacy.

CI 602 Curriculum: Perspectives and Practice

The course examines major themes and concepts relevant to curriculum theory and research. Participants will critically analyze models of curriculum theory through philosophical, psychological, sociological and historical perspectives.

CI 604 Educational Statistics

This course introduces descriptive and inferential statistical concepts needed to conduct quantitative inquiry in educational statistics. Participants will be expected to analyze cases, and determine and apply appropriate statistical procedures, using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). They will also interpret and report the results.

CI 605 Educational Research Methods

The course gives an introduction to the logic of social scientific inquiry and exposure to the methodology, techniques and ethics of research. Participants will focus on how to formulate research problems, collect and analyze data, and present findings, considering various research designs. The use of a theoretical framework in conducting research in educational settings will be emphasized.





CI 690 PhD Dissertation Seminar

The seminar is intended to guide doctoral students as they prepare their research proposal, which requires approval by the PhD Committee. The seminar follows the qualifying exam and instructs the students in the preparation of the first three chapters of the dissertation. Participants are expected to formally present their work to the group and share their experiences.

CI 699 PhD Dissertation


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