I. Compulsory courses (Online Academic Catalog)

CI 507 Educational Research

CI 513Statistics

CI 532 Written Academic Discourse

CI 509Thesis Seminar I

CI 599Master’s Thesis

II. Elective Courses

Elective I

Elective II

Elective III

Elective IV

Elective V

Restricted Elective Courses

CI 501Learning, Development & Cultural Context

CI 608Current Trends and Issues in Educational Technology

CI 502Managing the Classroom

CI 611Issues and Trends in Education

CI 503Educational Leadership and School Development

TEFL 501Second Language Acquisition

CI 506IB and IGCSE Curricula

TEFL 503Linguistics: the Nature of Language

CI 508Assessing Student Learning and Progress

TEFL 506Sociolinguistics

CI 511Curriculum in an International Context

TEFL 510Language Testing

CI 514Curriculum Development and Evaluation

TEFL 521EFL Methodology I

CI 515Trends and Issues in Instruction & Assessment

TEFL 528Curriculum Development and Evaluation

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