MA in Curriculum and Instruction with Teaching Certificate

The MA in Curriculum Instruction with Teaching Certificte (CITE) program provides an opportunity for qualified students to obtain a teaching certificate recognized by the Ministry of National Education, a teaching-learning certificate recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, an MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction, in a combined, full-time, local and international practicum-centered, two-yearacademic and professionalprogram.

MA in Curriculum and Instruction

The MA in Curriculum and Instruction was opened in 2007.The program is for professional practitioners in education, including school teachers, who wish to continue their education while still working as educators.

PhD in Curriculum and Instruction

The PhD program in Curriculum and Instruction was opened in 2011. It is aimed at teachers and other educators who will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and methods of enquiry through independent and original research, allowing them to make an effective and up-to-date contribution to quality education within the education sectors in Turkey.

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